Our Member’s Comment

After we completed the biggest mission in year 2009 – 2010, i.e. submission of the dissertation, almost half class joined the visit to the Macau Incineration Plant (MIP) in July 2010. This gathering just came at the right time that allowed us to learn and play together. Our time was filled with good chat and laughter since the moment we met in the ferry pier.

The Macau Incineration Plant (MIP) is a privately owned company equipped with pollution control systems, electricity generation and scrap metal recovery facilities. The staff gave us a talk about the operation of the MIP and then led us to visit different parts of the plant. It was comfortable to walk around in the MIP and it was unexpectedly clean. There wasn’t any odour! The waste management issue has aroused hot debates in Hong Kong. On one hand, our existing landfills are going to be full soon; on the other hand, the sitting of new landfill and incinerator has aroused intense disputes over the society. A visit to this kind of locally unwanted land uses can eliminate our prejudice over them. Of course, incineration alone cannot solve all the problems generated by solid waste. We still have to go back to the basic principle of “4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover”. We all have to change our living styles and make a green living.

After the visit, we enjoyed a Portuguese cuisine at a local restaurant. Then, some of us returned to Hong Kong while the others, including myself, continued our exploration of the excitement in Macau. Thanks to EMAHK for their endeavors in making this visit successful!

Vivian Tse

(2010 Graduate)