President’s Annual Report 2013

With tremendous support from our Executive Committee members, EMAHK had a very busy 2013. We now have nearly 300 members who studied at 15 universities in four countries. This is very impressive – an indication that our association is gaining more recognition from the community.

To meet the six objectives in our mission statement, we organized the following events:
• Career Talk (April 13)
• Geopark Tour (August 25)
• Seminar: Achieving a Clean Air Hong Kong (September 28)
• Taiwan Study Tour for Waste Management (October 17 – 20)
• Technical visit to Holiday Inn Express Soho (November 23)
• Organized and participated in focus groups for Public Engagement on MSW Charging, in coordination with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (Fall)

In addition to the above activities, the E-book project headed by Dr. Janet Chan was completed in October, and is now available for download through a link on our website.

To enhance communication with our members, a Facebook page was created and launched in January. EMAHK and environmental management related events, activities, and news will be posted there for our members and other interested parties.

A task force has been established to evaluate the adequacy of the current membership structure in meeting the needs of our members and future development of the association. This task force will propose an enhanced membership structure based on the results of the evaluation. More details will be announced once the proposal is completed and has been reviewed by our Executive Committee members.

In 2014, we will be organizing more technical visits and seminars, as well as an overseas study trip. I encourage everyone to join these events, not only to learn from the experts, but to network and learn from each other as well.

Wilson TSUI