President’s Letter

For me, it is indeed a great honour and pleasure to be associated with the Environmental Management Association of Hong Kong. In fact it was my son who prompted me to enroll in the MSc.ENVM Course at the University of Hong Kong, when he constantly complained about how difficult it was to keep up with his homework, and I wanted to lead by example. For what has started as a “hobby”course to enrich myself, I still find it difficult to believe that we have created a body on environmental management for Hong Kong.

The idea of setting up be the Association in fact came from the Faculty and Dr. Kenny Leung in particular, to whom I wish to thank sincerely. I recall the day when the Preparatory Committee first met where we debated on the vision and mission of the Association. The lively debate was typical of an intellectual discourse with clear objectives and outcomes. This is what I wish the Association to adopt as its culture. Eventually the discussion ended up in our going into a few areas: environmental policyinfluence, environmental education, membership networking and benefits, as well as the long term goal of making environmental managers a recognized profession.

As we all worked part-time on this, the initial progress for the setting up of the Association was not as quick as we all wanted it to be. Although the committee members are all busy with their day jobs, we have managed to organize quite several activities in just a few months. A visit to the modern incineration facility in Macau was organized in July 2011. We organized with the Faculty a seminar on the paper entitled “Public Consultation on Hong Kong’s Climate Change and Action Agenda” to be our AGM activity. Various comments were received and we have collated attendees’ comments and have submitted it to the government. You may refer to this Link to review our comments. We had organized The First Career Forum of Susdev 2011 in April for those who wish to develop their career in this field; and a visit to the Lamma Island Power Generation Plant in June. This visit focuses more on the experimental wind power generation in Hong Kong.

In addition to these, we are looking at the education side. Many of us believe in learning throughplaying and great ideas are being developed to create educational software for carbon reduction, separating waste at source and sustainable development. I cannot say too much but if you are interested, please send Miss Peggy Li an email. We are also looking at the possibility of making a visit outside Hong Kong to understand what our neighboring countries are doing to improve the sustainability of their communities. If you have any other ideas for the Association and our membership in terms of activities, please by all means send it to Miss Sui Lau, Miss Mabel Lau or Mr. Shaun Martin.

The size of membership was over 400 as at time of going to Press. You may notice that we primarily have graduates of the MSc Environmental Management of HKU as members. Our membership, however, is designed to be inclusive. We welcome all those who have higher degrees in the area to be a member of our Association.

Lastly, I wish to thank Professor Peter Hills and Dr. Kenny Leung for agreeing to be our Honorary Advisors. In addition, I must thank Mr. Stanley Wong, an internationally acclaimed creative professional and artist, also known as Anothermountainman, for designing the visual identity of the Association. Mr. Wong has also accepted our invitation to be an Honorary Member of our Association. I would also like to thank all members of the Preparatory Committee and the current Executive Committee in a great job well done!

Please remember, though it is slightly cliché, that this is your Association and you are the only ones who can shape it into an effective and influential body for the betterment of the environment in Hong Kong!

Clement Lam