Establish the Association as a leading and recognised contributor to environmental management and sustainable development discourse, as well as to the advancement of environmental management as a professional field.


在環境管理、可持續發展的議題,以及推展環境管理方面,協會能夠發揮其專業角色,作出貢獻, 並且在相關領域,建立領導和具認可的地位。


  • We will engage all stakeholders, including corporates, government, the public, special interest groups and NGOs to encourage transparent, purposeful and informed dialogue on environmental issues.
  • We are active principally in Hong Kong but also the rest of the region.
  • We want to promote an active exchange of knowledge amongst our members, thereby creating a dynamic resource for the whole community to use.
  • We seek to raise environmental awareness among the general public.
  • We are committed to acting objectively and impartially in the interest sound environmental management and sustainable development.
  • We encourage and enhance the development of environmental management skills and their application by individuals as well as institutions.



  • 我們鼓勵所有持份者,包括企業,政府,公眾,特殊利益團體和非政府組織,在環境問題上,一起參議,作出具透明度,針對性和充份知情的溝通對話。
  • 我們積極參與香港和地區事務。
  • 我們希望促進成員之間的知識交流,從而給社會創設一種有動力的資源,以供大眾使用。
  • 我們旨在提升公眾對環境保護的認知。
  • 我們致力以客觀和公正的態度,為卓越的環境管理和可持續發展而努力。
  • 我們鼓勵個人及機構加強發展環境管理的技巧和應用。