Geo tour in the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region

Dear EMAHK members,

EMAHK is organizing a field trip to the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region.

Hong Kong National Geopark was promoted to Hong Kong Global Geopark of China in 2011 due to its impressive geological landscape and comprehensive management system that strikes for three core missions: conservation, education and sustainable development. Participants can have an on-site experience on the natural heritage of the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region in this one-day field trip.

Date: 25 / 8 / 2013 (Sun)

Time: 0845 – 1730

Member Fee: $380 per person including lunch

Non-member Fee: $420 per person including lunch ( Each member can bring one friend to the trip)

Quota: 35 ( First-come-first-served, based on time of receive of payment)

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Route: Ma Liu Shui Pier à Tolo Channel à Wong Chuk Kwok Tsui à Yan Chau Tong à Lai Chi Wo Special Area à Kat O à Port Island à Lai Chi Chong à Ma Liu Shui Pier

Guide: Recommended Geo-guide (R2G)

Transportation: Boat trip

Lunch: Seafood lunch at Kat O

One of the most famous scenic spot, the Devil’s Fist can be found at Wong Tsui Kok Tsui in this region. Other places such as Yan Chau Tong Marine Park that cannot be reached without a specific boat trip consist of beautiful landscapes and high ecological values. Besides, we can also observe the management practice of geopark that helps to the conservation and environmental education. We will have a land-based tour on two ecological hotspots, Lai Chi Wo Special Area and Lai Chi Chong. Lai Chi Wo Special Area consists of comprehensive facilities for the sake of visit and education while an original landscape without intense human activities will appear in Lai Chi Chong. Participants can have a chance to experience two different management styles in the geopark. Kat O has a long fishing history and shows a real example of sustainable development after the establishment of geopark. Participants can know more about the cultural heritage as well as having a traditional seafood lunch provided!


Time Place / Route Content / Activity Person-in-charge Note
0845-0900 (15) *University Station Exit B Gathering and briefing

R2G guides

0900-0915 (15) *Ma Liu Shui Pier Walk to pier and boarding /
0915-1015 (60) Tolo Channel Introduction to the geo-tour route and safety measuresIntroduction to the geological features of Tolo Channel Formation of sedimentary rock
1015-1020 (10) Wong Chuk Kok Tsui Introduction to the geological history of Wong Chuk Kok Tsui and formation of the oldest rock of Hong Kong, the Devil’s Fist Compression and weathering of sedimentary rock
1020-1035 (15) Hung Shek Mun Introduction to the geological and cultural features of Hung Shek Mun Oxidation of Iron in rocks
1035-1130 (55) Yan Chau Tong Introduction to the geological and ecological features of Double HavenThe management of YanChauTongMarineParkIntroduction to the geological features of Lai Chi Wo Special Area Change of sea levelThe Six Treasures of Yan Tong
1130-1230 (60) *Lai Chi Wo LandingIntroduction to the ecological and cultural features of Lai Chi Wo Special Area Formation of volcanic rocksMangroves, Fung Shui Woods and villages
1230-1240 (10) *Lai Chi Wo Pier Boarding /
1240-1300 (20) Kat O Introduction to the geological and cultural features of Kat OLandingWalk to Yat Man Restaurant Fish farm
1300-1400 (60) *Yat Man Restaurant Lunch

Yat Man Restaurant

1400-1410 (10) *Kat O Pier Boarding

R2G guides


1410-1530 (80) Yan Chau Tong, Chik Mun Tau, PortIsland, Tolo Channel Introduction to geological features of Tung Ping Chau and PortIslandIntroduction to marine ecology of Tap Mun and Hoi Ha Marine Park The youngest sedimentary rock of Hong KongCoral communities
1530-1630 (60) *Lai Chi Chong LandingIntroduction to the geological and ecological features of Lai Chi Chong Volcanic explosionFormation of tuffite and ecology on rocky shore
1630-1640 (10) *Lai Chi Chong Pier Boarding /
1640-1730 (50) Tolo Channel Conclusion The human impacts on Hong Kong geology
1730 *Ma Liu Shui Pier Dismiss /

*Land-based tour or activity

The tour will be cancelled during thunderstorm signal, red rainstorm signal, black rainstorm signal, typhoon no 3 or above is hoisted.

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